Alternative Bridal 2019

Alternative Bridal 2019

Alternative Bridal



I asked several friends who were getting engaged, “What were you looking for in an engagement ring.” They all responded with something along the lines of, “I wanted something unique, special, different.”


Fire Opal has a selection of designers that make one of a kind, beautiful, hand made engagement rings and wedding bands. We carry Rebecca Overmann who makes signature engagement rings—classic and one of a kind in her studio in San Francisco. Her rings are all “made to last for generations.” Another designer, Jennifer Dawes, has a line called “Bohemian Bridal,” for the bride who “thinks outside the box.” Her “Alternative Bridal” line is for women who want to be defined by their “independent nature and unique style.” Jennifer Dawes is also on the board of Ethical Metalsmiths, and her work reflects her commitment to sustainability using recycled metals and gold and ethically mined and recycled stone sources. Yazuko Azuma’s “elegantly feminine” and delicate rings are influenced by her childhood in Japan. Her work is magical like Sarah Mcguire’s modern one of a kind diamond rings. These are just a few of the treasures in our chest.


As I began to understand the theme motivating young brides to find a unique ring, I found how possible it is today to find the exact ring of your dreams and to know of its ethically made roots. From vintage to modern, thick to thin, decorative to simple, we have your very vision.


Getting an engagement ring is always an exciting process, but why not make it more exciting by having the experience of walking into a small boutique with a huge selection of specially picked one of a kind rings, getting sized so the ring fits you perfectly, and knowing that your ring will be made with care and love and all the values that should encompass every union.