Fire Opal Loves: MassArt Alumni Jewelers

Fire Opal Loves: MassArt Alumni Jewelers

MassArt Alumni at Fire Opal

It's no secret that we are committed to supporting American artists and makers but did you know we have several jewelry designers who studied their craft in our own backyard? Massachusetts College of Art and Design, or MassArt, has one of the most prestigious jewelry and metalsmithing programs in the country.

The program at MassArt marries conceptual problem solving with direct practice - from casting to modelling to welding/fabrication. Like any good creative program, MassArt focuses on teaching process - both mental and physical, problem solving and practice - while emphasizing the historical context of the craft and it's items.

Below we celebrate the 4 artist's whose work caught our eye and their unique perspectives.

Sasha Walsh embraces experimentation and self-expression. She believes in letting the materials guide, recognizing that sometimes the best work happens by accident. Her designs are rooted in natural textures and forms.
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Monique Rancourt's believes jewelry is a sculpture for the body - a sculpture that should respond to the way it is worn. Her multi-part pieces react to their wearer and environment, by movement, sound and feel. Monique's pieces nod to her love for traditional adornments of Africa and Eurasia with modern materials like rubber and chain. 
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Lauren Blais' pieces are known for infusing unexpected materials and textures (like fur, leather and antique patterns) into etched sterling silver constructions. The collection is often inspired by Victorian era ornamentation - dark, deft and delicate.
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Ashley Vick's line, named for her great-grandmother - Filomena DeMarco, is often inspired by the colors and forms found in nature. Having grown up observing her mother's full, but often unworn jewelry box, she wanted to create pieces that would be as wearable daily as they are special and personal.
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