Amy Faust

Owning wearable pieces of art is a way to express your individuality and make a statement. When you love what you wear you can feel deep satisfaction and a sense of empowerment and connection. You can also feel good about wearing something of quality that is hand crafted and respects the environment.

I believe that through art anything can be transformed. I also believe in making things that will have value, beauty and style that feel comfortable but fresh and contemporary. Repurposed glass, porcelain, and other found and vintage objects that may seem dated have renewal in each individually hand created piece of jewelry.  

Trained as a metalsmith and inspired by nature and classical art and modernist design I am drawn to simplicity, and wearability and make pieces that can be both dressed up or worn daily. Something you can feel great wearing again and again.

Each piece is a composite of recycled sterling silver, repurposed colorful, mostly vintage glass, special beach pebbles and porcelain with imagery of  birds and farmland, which become a talisman of what we need to hold onto and protect.

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