B. Felt

B. Felt works in felt because of its plastic nature, historic ties to the body and its metaphorical similarities and connections to skin. Felt has always provided insulation from the natural elements. Nomads used it for warmth and shelter - it can be seen in Mongolian yurts and elegantly shaped cloaks from the Middle East.
Each one-of-a-kind piece is approached as a unique work of art, so that even a simple scarf will possess its own vision. Their painters' background allows them to create work within the formal language of painting, paying attention to form, color and light.

The jackets encourage the wearer to move freely through her environment. As she walks the gossamer fabric of the jacket floats and lifts, making the wearer feel light. The scarves are sculptural in nature, with double folds of warm felt to protect the wearer's ears and neck. 

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