Christy Klug

My work is a bridge between art and craft. Inspired by the sumptuousness of 17th century Dutch still lifes, the color sensibility of fashion photographer Chen Man, the line work of Sol Lewitt, Brice Marden and Cy Twombly and post-World War II German stained glass, I create by hand in my studio small quantities of finely-crafted pieces that are intimate, honest and feminine. The act of creation is intensely personal for me, and my work evolves as I do. I work to create pieces that become more interesting the longer you live with them—pieces that are compelling but feel subtle and special.

Empowered by the philosophy that we all need and long for something that is beautiful, I strive to complement the technical discipline required to create each piece with a strong aesthetic that embodies a contemporary grace. There is an enigmatic beauty in things that have been made by hand with an intimate knowledge of materials, but always with the personal passion of an artist. My goal is to create work that will stand the test of time for the confident woman.

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