Colleen Mauer Designs

Designer Colleen Mauer’s creative venture began on a cluttered desk in her Hayes Valley apartment in San Francisco nearly seven years ago. Little did she know, her passion for design and jewelry making would someday lead to a full-time career. Colleen moved to California in 2001 with high aspirations of finding a distinguished design job. After graduating with honors from Virginia Tech with a BS in Industrial Design, it seemed like a very feasible goal. Colleen worked at a small furniture design company in Oakland before deciding that spending her days in someone else’s studio was not what she had in mind. Just two years later, Colleen Mauer Designs was born.

First, though, Colleen lived her dream of traveling the globe and spent extensive time in Asia. With those experiences still vivid in her mind, Colleen has been even more inspired to take her designs to the next level. Jewelry has become a part of her daily routine; it serves as her source of constant inspiration. She designs using texture, color, sounds and tones as her tools for transforming a simple section of material into a unique piece of jewelry. Colleen’s designs celebrate simple geometries to create a line of jewelry that can compliment any look…from casual and everyday to chic and classic.