Dina Varano

Inspired by nature, Dina Varano’s work has great sculptural integrity. Succeeding as a self-contained object of art, each piece is the full expression of her intuitive process.  Her jewelry comes to life in a new way when worn, carefully articulated to create a harmonious balance with the body it adorns. Her artist’s hand is deliberate, creating a rhythm of grace and movement.  Dina’s jewelry captures the essence and gesture of nature. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.  Dina spent many years studying in Rome. She continues to be passionate about travel and escapes often to further her artistic enlightenment and curious spirit.  Dina lives in the woods in the lower Connecticut River Valley with her husband and two daughters.

“I am inspired by nature. I begin my process by studying and drawing in charcoal. My goal is to capture this essence and gesture in metal.  My parents are dancers, at an early age I learned the grace of rhythm and movement which has become a formative influence in my work. I welcome play with the wearer and want my jewelry to inspire.” ~Dina Varano 

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