Our intent is to use the principles of Industrial Design to create regional manufacturing jobs building durable, practical, universal goods.

Our everyday gear is designed to the similarities among us all. We believe by focusing on what makes us alike, a whole new range of products can be born.

At eqpd, we are taking everyday gear and running it through our filter to create more useful, versatile and durable objects for living.  Our products reflect the sense of purpose, simplicity and deliberate construction that Industrial Design was founded on.  We believe our mission to share these principles will universally result in better products,  being made in better ways, closer to your home. 

I created eqpd because as both an Industrial Designer and human who cares about our planet, I see an unsustainable trend in the creation and perception of manufactured goods. I am concerned with our rapid consumption of products, how well those products are made, how far they travel and our acceptance of what is disposable. Building goods is an honor; we should treat it that way. Resources are not endless, we should treat them that way.

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