Gina Pannorfi

These one of a kind accessories are individually crafted in Chicago where Gina currently lives. There, the silk is hand dyed then puckered and gathered when merged with merino wool. Traditionally these pieces are used as scarves, shawls and wraps, but their function is only limited to that of imagination.

Her line has been carried in over one hundred specialty boutiques and museum stores world wide. Gina is endlessly grateful for the appreciation people have for what she is doing. She feels blessed she has been given the gift to create something that contributes to the beauty in all of us.

Gina Pannorfi is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has a great passion for process and throughout her life has explored many media. During her undergraduate studies she uncovered her love for fiber and textile design. "There is a quiet space one can enter in the practice of making textiles. For me there is a beautiful meditation in repetition. The constant practice of anything in one's life always leads to new openings and discoveries." As an extension of her education, Mrs. Pannorfi participated in an exchange at Art Studio Fuji; a textile and jewelry design studio in Florence, Italy. After endless hours of experimentation she discovered the process she currently uses. Upon her return stateside in August of 2004, Gina launched the first season's collection.

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