Lillie & Cohoe

Liz Cohoe, owner, and designer of Lillie & Cohoe produces their line in a 1930’s warehouse in the heart of Nelson, BC. The airy studio-showroom, located far from the pressures of metropolitan life, allows Cohoe to freely explore design ideas and create hats that stand apart from the mainstream. Cohoe understands that the proper color, texture, shape, and volume can highlight a woman’s best features. “I was exhibiting in Calgary on year,” recounts Cohoe, “when two women approached my display. They both wanted to try on hats, but one was reluctant – she felt that she was too plain, that hats looked bad on her. I suggested a couple of styles and after trying on the second hat, the woman stood there silently. Then she turned to her friend and whispered ‘I’m beautiful'. They both had tears in their eyes.”

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