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Tokens & Icons has been turning authentic, nostalgic artifacts into functional gifts for more than 20 years. The company was founded upon becoming one of the first licensees of the New York City MTA with whom we continue to create cuff links that feature the iconic retired NY Subway tokens.  Soon Chicago approached us to do the same for them, and, before long, the Boston and the San Francisco Transit Authorities were under license and furnishing us with their tokens for products.  Thus the process of acquiring authentic artifacts and featuring them in classic designs of functional gifts has become our sweet spot. From authentic vintage typewriter keys to Pan Am fuselage to Buffalo Nickels to watch movements from the early 20th century, Tokens & Icons aims to bring a new life and purpose to the memorable everyday objects of our past.

In 2006 we became involved with – and later acquired – BallPark Pens, and thus entered the world of authentic sports artifacts. Three years later we became a Major League Baseball (MLB) licensee as a producer of gifts made from Authenticated Game Used baseballs, uniforms, and broken bats. MLB’s Authentication program and public hologram lookup capability has a wow factor that adds an experiential dimension to our baseball gifts! Since then, we have partnered with the National Hockey League, the PGA TOUR, and a growing list of top-ranked collegiate football and basketball programs. To ensure that each fan’s purchase is 100% authentic, we work directly with our licensors to obtain and document the chain of custody of each jersey, ball and helmet. 

As we continue to forge new relationships and acquire more artifacts, we celebrate a greater diversity of icons: from planes, trains and automobiles; to the sports we love to play and watch; to the tokens and coins once circulated through millions of hands. It is only though a few hands though, that our products are made. Our artisans, whether they are two blocks or a video chat away, are in constant collaboration with Tokens & Icons’ staff headquarters in Berkeley, CA.  As a team, we work to bring authenticity, craftsmanship and functionality to the gifting experience.

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