Utility Canvas

 New York City, EST. 1990.

Jillian Kaufman and Hal Grano created a brand with the intention of using a single material for all products. Jillian’s background in art and fashion, Hal’s appreciation for the outdoors, and a shared captivation by canvas, manifested a new venture.

A flexible medium and durable design paved the way for Utility Canvas. Shaping canvas, into whatever they deemed possible, bred an era of experimentation and growth, along with the exhilaration of success and humility from the challenges.

Still flourishing 32 years later, Utility Canvas continues to stick to their core in making simple, practical, versatile designs—never forsaking style. With the first Field Bag on the shelves since 1990 to fresh creations that mold to our ever-changing environment—Utility Canvas is a brand for the ages and one that withstands the test of time.