ERIC JENSEN DINNERWARE is hand-made of high-temperature porcelain. This material is very strong and chip resistant. It is lead-free; food-safe; micro-wavable. You may wash it in the dishwasher as with any conventional dinnerware. As with all fired ceramics, if you drop it, it will break, but with reasonable care your dinnerware will give you years of service.

Dinnerware is available square or round. All two-color versions have the indented line at the rim. One-color versions are available with or without the indented rim.

To see the available patterns and colors please visit this page

Prices are as follows:
dinner plate $46
salad plate $34
salad bowl $36
mug $32
serving bowl $88

Please contact us if you are interested in ordering from the dinnerware collection, please note that all dinnerware is Special Order.