With This Ring...

An engagement/wedding ring should tell the world about the woman who’s wearing it. We would be honored to assist you in picking out the perfect ring for yourself or your partner. Because our wedding bands and engagement rings are all custom made, they are not available for purchase online. The rings below are intended to help give you an overview of our wedding ring selection. Please contact us at sales@fire-opal.com or 617-739-9066 to discuss ring style, sizing and price ranges.

Anne Sportun
Anne Sportun finds pure beauty in nature’s organic forms and balances the precise with the irregular. Sparkling gems have an understated elegance that transforms them from special-occasion dazzlers to wear-everyday pleasures. Rings available in a variety of metals and stones.

Sarah Graham
Sarah Graham combines creative artistry with traditional old-world craftsmanship. Her jewelry is subtly feminine yet substantial; unique yet universal in appeal. Sarah’s metal range from gold and silver to a blackened steel.

Jennifer Shigetomi, the creative force behind MATSU, blends clean lines, fluid shapes and a satin finish to create a collection of cool elegance. The sculptural nature of her pieces have a softness; an almost liquid quality that seems to contradict the inherent characteristics of metal. Jennifer’s collection of hand wrought jewellery is crafted in sterling silver, gold and platinum.

Carla Caruso
Carla’s goal is simplicity: to distill an idea to its essence and create timeless jewelry that wears beautifully. Her rings are available in a variety of metals.

Dahlia Kanner
Dahlia focuses much of her attention on the circle. Rings and round elements inspire her with their continuity, simplicity and strength. Kanner has a special affinity for the tactile and makes each of her jewelry pieces touchable as well as beautiful to view and wear.
She forms her rings from 18K gold, platinum, or sterling silver and a variety of stones.


Yasuko Azuma
These various collections reflect Yasuko’s feeling and impressions of nature that has surrounded her throughout her life. She recalls “I remember the intensity of the cherry blossoms in the Springs and the dramatic reds and yellows of the Fall leaves. The winter time was even more magical, with the glow and sparkle of the sun on the fresh fallen snow. I try to recreate these images in my work.”