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Brushed Steel Menorah by Valerie Atkisson - Fire Opal

Valerie Atkisson

Brushed Steel Menorah by Valerie Atkisson


Steel Menorah

Menorah celebrates Hanukkah with an Art Nouveau Tree of Life motif set against a traditional form. Light the candles in honor of miracles and invite the warmth of the holiday into your home. Made of laser-cut steel, Menorah will be an elegant reminder of lift and hope.

Brushed Steel is a modern yet soft finish that will blend well with contemporary decor. Menorah requires light assembly and comes in a lovely gift box. Nine recommended beeswax candles come with the purchase of Menorah.

Care: If the recommended candles are used, there should be no wax drippings. If wax does get on Menorah remove with your fingernail and a soft cloth. Do not use a sharp object or wax remover chemicals to remove wax off of Menorah. Candles may be ordered or reordered at www.valeriedesign/