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Geisha Teapot by Sally Jaffee - Fire Opal

Sally Jaffee

NEW! Geisha Teapot by Sally Jaffee


Geisha Teapot by Sally Jaffee

Wheel thrown with white stoneware. When dry, they are covered with a black slip. She layers white slip onto the area where the images will be etched, then fills in the outline with black and gray slips and etches the patterning. A red glaze is added around the drawing, and then high fired in an oxidation atmosphere. A second low fire gives the work a satin finish.

6" diameter, 9" in height
holds approx. 24oz

Handmade in Middletown, CA

  • "This series has its root in the Japanese tradition. Their sense of order and attention to beauty inspires me beyond myself and connects me with the creative source that is within us all. The imagery has been hand etched through layers of slip on white stoneware. A mid range firing makes them highly durable and food safe."