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Inlay Coin Necklace in Black by Shaesby
Inlay Coin Necklace in Black by Shaesby
Inlay Coin Necklace in Black by Shaesby

Shaesby Jewelry

Inlay Coin Necklace in Black by Shaesby


Inlay Coin Necklace
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  • Inlay Coin Necklace in Black by Shaesby 

    A Minimalist Pendant Necklace
    Our minimalist pendant features a wave of 22k yellow gold inlay on a blackened silver pendant. The 14k yellow gold chain measures 16” in length and the coin pendant is ⅝” in diameter.

    This necklace is created using the process of oxidation, or blackening, which involves taking a piece of sterling silver and introducing it to sulfides. The chemical reaction that results from this blackens the silver and creates a surface that contrasts vividly with 22k yellow gold.

    Sterling silver with 14k yellow gold chain

    22k yellow gold inlay

    16" chain

    Diameter: ⅝"

    Using materials that are responsibly and ethically sourced, we design and craft our jewelry by hand in our Austin, Texas studio. All of our jewelry is made-to-order, specially crafted and given time and attention to create pieces that are truly unique.

    Handmade in Austin, TX

  •  Shaesby Scott is an American artist and the founder of Shaesby jewelry. Born and raised in Louisiana, he attended Colorado State University where he pursued his passion for fine art. His career began as a sculptor and furniture maker until discovering his calling for jewelry while living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Shaesby’s methods have stayed true to authentic techniques. These old world methods like hand forging and lost wax casting produce quality pieces with distinct visual and tangible textures while providing flexibility for custom work.

  • We are happy to accommodate special orders. Please contact us with the item you are interested in and your ring size and we will get back to you. Please note, because of the fluctuating cost of precious metals - the cost of your special order may differ from the cost of the in stock item listed here.