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Open Vista Pendant by Carly Wright
Open Vista Pendant by Carly Wright
Open Vista Pendant by Carly Wright

Carly Wright

Open Vista Pendant by Carly Wright


  • Open Vista Pendant by Carly Wright

    Blue, Green, Pink and Purple and Teal 

    The process begins by transferring a design onto tissue paper which is glued to a thin sheet of sterling silver. The outside edges of the piece are cut to the specifications of the design and accents. The Silver is oxidized to a steely gray color by dipping it into a malodorous solution of Liver of Sulfur. Then rubbed with pumice or steel wool to burnish it to a soft glow.

    Pendant measures approx. 1.75"w x 2" h.
    20" snake chain. Hangs 11"

    Handmade in New York

  • The technique that I specialize in is Champlévé, (this is a French term meaning “raised fields”). Enameled objects date back to the early part of the first millennium and were found throughout the ancient world. In the champlevé technique, recessed areas are created for the enamel, either by construction, casting, etching, or engraving.

    The transparent enamels I work with are imported from Austria, Japan and France. These vitreous enamels are specifically designed to tolerate the rapid changes in temperature that occur when a piece is fired, going from room temperature to 1600 degrees in a matter of seconds. The enamels fuse to the metal in a similar way that a glaze fused to a pot.

  • We are happy to accommodate special orders. Please contact us with the item you are interested in and (if applicable) your ring size and we will get back to you. Please note, because of the fluctuating cost of precious metals - the cost of your special order may differ from the cost of the in stock item listed here.