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NEW! Round Plates by Sang Joon Park
NEW! Round Plates by Sang Joon Park
NEW! Round Plates by Sang Joon Park

sang joon park

NEW! Round Plates by Sang Joon Park


Small Plates
  • Round Plates by Sang Joon Park

    These beautiful stoneware plates are unique. They are a round shape with red floral designs on front and back with red stamp detail. 

    Available for purchase per plate or buy all 4 for a set

    Handmade in New York

  • I first trained to become a potter twenty years ago under master potter Na Woon Chae. He told me in order to become a potter I must be able to make at least 30 identical bowls within the period of a single hour. Countless days full of failures ensued. Then suddenly one day Mr. Na announced I had become a potter. Since that day I have continued to make thousands of bowls and I dreamt of becoming a real artist. In pursuit of my dream I decided to study abroad and attended Pratt Institute for an MFA in Ceramic Sculpture.
  • We are happy to accommodate special orders. Please contact us with the item you are interested in and we will get back to you.