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NEW! Stagmite Earrings by Sasha Walsh
NEW! Stagmite Earrings by Sasha Walsh
NEW! Stagmite Earrings by Sasha Walsh

Sasha Walsh

NEW! Stagmite Earrings by Sasha Walsh


Stagmite Earrings
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  • Stagmite Earrings by Sasha Walsh

    Sterling Silver earrings accented by Diamonds. These Stud earrings measure approximately 1 1/8". The rough texture of each earrings is accented by the sparkling nature of each diamond. .03ct diamonds

    Handmade in Waltham, MA

  • Throughout her adolescence, Sasha Walsh explored the creative arts including painting, sculpture, clothing design, and eventually, jewelry design. In her early twenties, she graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a developed appreciation for beautiful objects that inspire the behold. Her inquisitive nature and passion for the outdoors sources the discovery for her work.

    Sasha Walsh Designs embraces an era of experimentation and self-expression. Drawing from classical metalsmithing practices and making things up as we go, the design aesthetic of our work is rooted in natural textures and forms. Each piece evolves through the incorporation of new mediums and techniques. We allow for the materials to guide us, finding that some of our best work happens simply by accident.

    We create bold, handmade, wearable art.

  • We are happy to accommodate special orders. Please contact us with the item you are interested in and we will get back to you.