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NEW! Succulent Necklace by Melle Finelli

Melle Finelli

NEW! Succulent Necklace by Melle Finelli


Succulent Necklace
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  • Succulent Necklace by Melle Finelli

    Bimetal Gold Silver Succulent pendant on handmade sterling silver chain

    pendant is approximately 1.5” 
    Chain is 18” long 

    Handmade in Boston, MA

  • Artist Statement:

    My process is spontaneous, I don't plan or draw out my idea.  I am always in motion in the studio, letting one thing lead to another.  Most often I don't know what the piece will become until the very last moment. The process of hand fabricating allows me to work spontaneously, Letting one thing lead to another. I am able to manipulate my materials to create movement and space in a solid form. I love the engineering challenges in making such intimate sculptures. I am drawn to the inherent obsessiveness of creating these minute compositions, all the while seeking a balance of precision and chaos in each piece.

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