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R Horn 3 by Dahlia Kanner - Fire Opal - 1
R Horn 3 by Dahlia Kanner - Fire Opal - 1
R Horn 3 by Dahlia Kanner - Fire Opal - 2
R Horn 3 by Dahlia Kanner - Fire Opal - 3

Dahlia Kanner

NEW! R Horn 3 by Dahlia Kanner


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  • Oxidized Rhorn 3 Ring.

    16mm, Oxidized sterling silver tapered ring. 

    Size 7.5  in stock. Please allow 4-6 weeks for additional sizes.

  • Artist Statement:
    A 1996 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, I live and work in Rhode Island, sharing my studio with my dogs Zeke and Kato. Obsessed with the tactile world, I have amassed a collection of plant and tree segments, minerals, fungi, insects, skeletons, hives, and photographs of life °Û¡  ’both hidden and apparent. From these inspirations I create pieces that carry with them hints of these forms, textures, and moods. While I do love to make one-of-a-kind conceptual jewelry, my collection now predominantly consists of limited production pieces. I have realized the importance of both making a living and producing pieces that people can connect with, wear, and enjoy daily. I focus much of my attention on the circle. Rings and round elements inspire me with their continuity, simplicity, and strength. I love making rings °Û¡  ’the more textural the better. I do hope you enjoy!
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