grace gunning

Magician Reliquary Box by Grace Gunning


Grace Gunning's Reliquary Boxes have an interactive quality to them - handmade with sheets of copper, glass, and encased charms.

Reliquary Boxes have an ancient mystical quality with a modern edge. The rich feel of copper gives a warmth either in your hand or in any décor. Copper has been in use since 9000 BC as jewelry and Cleopatra used copper as mirrors. The goddess Venus is linked to copper. It is in our blood (women tend to have a bit more than men). Mystics feel copper connects energy of the spirit and we know scientifically it conducts electricity and heat better than any metal. It is a very special metal, part of us and our lives, and a pleasure to work with.

Box measures 6.25" wide x 7.25" long x 2" tall

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