Heather Guidero

Heather's jewelry consists of a series of simple geometric shapes inspired by elements of modernist design. Heather's interest lies in using line to render drawings three dimensionally and to explore volume, movement, and pattern. The use of wire and thin sheet allows her to incorporate numerous shapes into larger forms that are lightweight yet have a presence of their own on the body. The very nature of being worn produces sound - the gentle noises of metal rings and disks sliding and clinking as the wearer goes about their daily routine. In this way, each piece is transformed into a personal and interactive sculpture. Heather primarily uses sterling silver, gold, and select precious and semi-precious stones along with oxidized silver to provide greater contrast between silver and gold and accentuate the graphic nature of the designs. These materials and techniques also allow the geometry and composition of each piece to exist first and foremost, not to singularly reflect the status of its materials.