Andrea LeBeau Designs

All of my life experiences have been infused with art. As a young girl I watched my mother embroider images of our Hungarian ancestry onto the softest, pure cotton. At my own home I have dug my hands into the earth to create beautiful gardens. I have painted many images and scenes inspired by people and nature. These visceral memories are used to create the fashion pieces you see on this website. Each of my pieces is handmade and designed to create a new look, rich with strength and sensuality, with a powerful and stylish expression.

Organic tools are used in crafting my pieces - my hands are the instruments that create shawls, tunics and tops that harmonize with every body. I work with silk as a base which is both feminine and delicate, yet strong and empowering. When I add soft wools and plant fibers they married through a wholly organic and physical process called wet-felting. Once joined, silk and wool behave as the wearer does, ready for an evening on the town or star gazing from the porch. All of my creations can be worn multiple ways and are one size fits all. 

I hope to inspire others to appreciate their own style and beauty when they wear my creations. Welcome to Andrea LeBeau Designs!

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