David Urso

David Urso's highly sophisticated handcrafted jewelry is a visual feast of color, form and surface. The jewelry is characterized by sensual organic shapes and a painterly use of hand tinted resins, which are applied in solids and patterns.

His classic signature collection is created by experimenting with natural herbs and spices such as poppy seed, expresso and dill. He uses the dried minced plants as pigment, sometimes combining them with pastels, and mixing them directly into clear resin. The resulting color range is vibrant, earthy and beautifully textured.

Recently, crushed turquoise and birch wood chips have been added to the inlay. This new jewelry collection integrates the use of Native American and Mexican jewelry influences into his own contemporary designs. As always... each piece is entirely handmade in his studio in Ulster County, NY. Six of Urso's brooches are in the permanent collection at the Samuel Dorskey Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY.