Rachael Levine is a textiles artist with a focus on Shibori and fabric dying. She has been a working artist since Fall of 2014 and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Columbia College Chicago. Rachael's love of clothing construction and manipulating textiles has blossomed into an art-to-wear collection called ARAE. She works with different kinds of silk and cotton gauze to create her various styles of Kimonos, scarves, and tops. She also works with boiled wool, which she Shibori dyes then cuts and sews into soft accessories such as gloves, scarves, and hats.

Rachael creates each garment and accessory, she hand dyes, cuts, and sews all one-of-a-kind pieces and most of the collection. Waste from cutting is kept and separated by size and color for limited Zero Waste releases such as Scrunchies, Braided Headbands, and even our Shimmy style. Being based in the high desert means taking advantage of the dry air and hot sun all year round. All of our silk and wool is hang dried outside, by the natural sun and air.

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