"This all started with my first jewelry class, the first time I lit that torch…. I was instantly drawn to the primitive feel of the flame and I was hooked.

A lot of hard work, a lot of long hours later, with the support of great friends and 2 very special men in my life, I started my company, Chee-me-no in 2004.(Chee-me-no being the phonetic spelling of my last name Cimino).

My designs are reflective of what my eye instinctively focuses on. The natural organic arrangement of lines, textures and colors. The vast life forms on coral reefs, up to a towering yet delicate tree canopy down to a thick forest bed and right back up to that bird soaring overhead. I present to you my interpretations of the beauty that surround us, that I’ve created into tangible pieces for all to enjoy."

-Lisa Cimino, Jewelry Artist 

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