`e ko logic

Textile artist and designer Kathleen Tesnakis created `e ko logic in 1996 as an exploration in reuse. The creativity that recycling requires has provided years of inspiration. Every item she makes must be hand cut and combined like a collage as her raw material is multifarious in nature. Kathleen’s sustainable philosophy is deeply rooted in the `e ko logic studio where every bit of scrap waste is identified and resorted to develop future products. 

"At ekologic, we design and manufacture quality products out of recycled cashmere clothing. We hunt for treasures and dismantle each garment by hand; taking time to recognize its unique character and individual beauty. The material is then transformed by joining it with other pieces — separate elements finding harmony together. There is a little magic and a lot of love in each piece we construct.

Due to the random nature of the clothing we recycle, our items are all unique. We cannot request our palette. We use what we find. We deliberate over each coloration and custom-create a diverse collection of clothing and accessories."

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