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Greentree Home

The studio is a sensory collage of raw beeswax, the sweet scent of honey, busy hands, spools of cotton wicks, scores of original molds, a rich palette of colors and textures and above all the gentle warm air. Each candle in our collection is lovingly made to order, hand poured and finished.

Each day, slabs of raw wax are broken into pieces and melted to an exact temperature. Top secret dye recipes are measured and added. The wax is then poured into the scores molds ranging in shapes, styles and sizes. As the candles set, careful attention is given to curing, bubbles and topping off. The procedure is a dance of sorts: trotting around the room, conscience not to miss a beat and always anticipating the next step.

Greentree Home Candle staffs a creative team of individuals who love what they do. There is something rewarding to work with one's hands and produce goods that will be enjoyed and utilized. From our studio to your home, we pride ourselves on the care and effort that goes into making each candle.

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