Janice Kissinger

I enjoy the felt making process because it really grounds me and I feel connected to the physical work and transformation that occurs. I love working with wool because of its materiality; for me, the joy is in working with a medium that is sculptural, elegant and has integrity, in source as well as structure.  I work with wool as a daily practice in mindfulness and I try to remember to work with positive intention.  Also, I like how it smells.

My pieces are made by hand, using traditional felt-making techniques; they are built rather than sewn.  Beginning with natural, loose wool fibers, both the material and the item are made at once in a sculptural process involving just soap and water.  I use luxury materials - fine Merino wool, reclaimed vintage silk saris, and my own hand-dyed silk. Compelling colors and the romance of Indian beaded and embroidered silks define the style of my work.

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