Michelle Simon Jewelry

Inspired by a love of texture & contrast, geometric shapes & clean lines,
classic design & modern expression...

"I began my journey when I was a young teen taking apart pieces of my jewelry and re-creating them into something that was "just a little bit different". I found a way to express all facets of myself while still showing my independence... and I loved it! Armed with confidence from the compliments I would get on my new pieces, I continued with this new found love, teaching myself new jewelry making techniques.
My passion for jewelry making would still be within me, but as I began my adult life, I put it on the back burner to pursue the worlds of psychology and Human Resources. My inner artist kept calling me and it led to the world of retail visual merchandising. All along the way, my style of dress was somewhat dictated by the industry or company culture where I worked. Although I was influenced by trends, friends and colleagues, I never stopped showing my independence through the jewelry I continued to design and wear.
Along the way, I recognized that the artistry of jewelry making was my true calling. I made the leap to study the classic techniques of metalsmithing and earned a Graduate Jeweler Certificate from The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, a highly prestigious jewelry arts school in San Francisco. From there, I continued to hone my skills while working for a world renowned jewelry designer.
...And now, here I am…with all of those experiences and facets of my journey…designing lifestyle jewelry with small details that catch your eye and empower you to express all of the wonderful facets that make you who you are."

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