Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles

Jan R. Carson's mobiles are reminders of the outdoors for those who garden, hike, or otherwise interact with the elements. But these are not ways in which the artist spends her time. She prefers to observe nature from a distance and comprehend its beauty from a place deep within herself. She writes: "My sculpture is inspired by the balance of strength and fragility in nature. I express this equilibrium by suspending each artwork in a state of free yet limited motion. As well, perpetual, circular movement conveys both my desire to extend the time and the sensation of its endless, inescapable flow." 

Jan's fiber works have been featured in juried, invitational, and solo exhibitions and are in numerous private collections. In 2002, Jan was a finalist for the prestigious NICHE Award, honoring excellence and innovation in American and Canadian craft. 

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