Neesh by D.A.R.

Neesh by D.A.R. is whimsical clothing for the “grown-up-girl”. Neesh by D.A.R wants you to feel girly and whimsical no matter your age, so their silhouettes are flirty, feminine, and vintage-inspired but with an amazing eye for proportions and a woman’s body. Neesh by D.A.R also wants you to feel comfortable and own pieces that can be worn with jeans and engineer boots, as well as head-to-toe for any special occasion. Therefore they love to mix fabrics and textures. Perhaps most importantly, Neesh by D.A.R adores special detail, so they pack every piece with surprising whimsy. Scrunched and gathered fabrics, vintage buttons, exposed seams, grosgrain ribbon trims, flirty peplums, and little tucks make up the true Neesh by D.A.R. look. 

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