Founded by Alka Mattoo, Orvana offers an exciting luxury range of women’s wear
built on the fusion of modern contemporary design with finest Indian craftsmanship.
The result allows women to incorporate into their wardrobe a unique and confident
statement piece to punctuate their own style.

Behind our collection lies a vibrant and soulful philosophy that emphasizes the
uniqueness of the designer, the artisan, the wearer: the designer with her vision,
the artisans with their craft, and, most importantly, the wearer who can turn the
piece into a reflection of her personality, mood and style.

What people love about our collection is not just the visual design, but
also the construction and feel of the fabric we use. We are convinced that this is a
result of our passion for sourcing superior fabrics, investing in the artisans
we employ with ethical trading and encouraging their creative development.
We merge old and new production techniques as well as combine
traditional and modern materials. The resulting quality of style and excellence is a
thread that we insist on maintaining throughout our collection.

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