Vilma Marė

For over two decades, fashion designer Vilma Mare has been living between two cultures and continents all the while studying to penetrate the soul of manifold ethnicities and subcultures. 

Vilma Mare's aim is to recognize still-alive ethnic traits and conceptually propagate them as essential links to the lost spirited perception of the universe. Vilma attempts through her creativity to connect to the Origin. Vilma recognizes in contemporary oeuvre the need for the old world prudence which carried such connection.

Vertically oriented, rhythmical lines are stitched into an intertwined composition, which helps shape and fit the silhouette. This key attribute exalts Mare's clothing design and makes it easily recognizable among her coterie. Vilma Mare’s inspirations are ancient Baltic artifacts in which she recognized an integral aesthetic system, a script of symbols that are cosmological and semantic manifestations.

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