Armstrong Textiles

Lesley Armstrong's passion for weaving is sustained by “endless delight in the physical nature of this medium—you are building cloth from humble little strands of yarn and the element of surprise is always present when you shift and push the weaving and finishing limits.” Armstrong acknowledges that the colours and textures of a Maritime environment play a key role in the choice of the subtle, restrained hues that she uses. Seaweed, rocks, tidal pools, moss, and woodlands are some of the sources of inspiration for her work.  Equally fascinating are possibilities offered by New and innovative yarns from Japan, Europe, and South America offer when they are manipulated in the weaving and finishing processes.

Armstrong Textiles designs and produces fashions and interior furnishings that are sold in apparel boutiques, art museum shops, craft galleries, and interior design stores.  The fashions, which lean toward a European design sensibility, include accessories such as scarves and wraps and  a select apparel line including tops, tunics, and jackets made in collaboration with Halifax fashion designers Kate Delmage and Meghan Marentette.

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