Tina Givens

Tina Givens is a multi-faceted artist and designer. With a heritage of organic and African aesthetics, a rebellious spirit, and a bespoke eye for design, Tina is an ever-evolving avant-garde creator and maker.

Tina's approach to style is raw, layered, and deconstructed. With a subtle nod to historic generations, garments are modern, emotional, and poetic. Mostly monochromatic palettes mix with gentle color to conjure fluidity and natural tones. Tina's work is rooted in texture, tribal nuances, and simplicity in construction, and unexpected elements of detail.

Balancing sophistication and distressed raw edges and materials, natural fibers, and earthy elements. Collections interact and attract empowered, confident women who appreciate individuality, craftsmanship, and unexpected design.

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